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The tide of the exhibition has been retired: Is it a true slogan? Waiting in July
Just over half of June, various economic data released in May, are not very optimistic. Among them, the data related to the aftermarket of the automobile, the car consumption is falling off the cliff, many automakers of their own brands are squatting, and the joint venture depots are not much better. The consumption of automobiles has shrunk, which is related to the transfer of the country to the country. What is more important is the madness of real estate. The people who have a little assets are carrying heavy mortgages and squeezing the consumption space of other large consumer goods, resulting in the loss of car consumption. Years of madness.
The decline in automobile consumption has a relatively large impact on the aftermarket, which is the fact that we as a market player do not need to cover the door. Therefore, we have seen that the major exhibition organizers are adjusting, some have taken the initiative to reduce the scale, some have adjusted the exhibition content, some sinking channels, and catching buyers.

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