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How to break through the bottleneck of dealer management and build your own cash cow?
Any kind of relationship depends on management and maintenance. There is a need for a sound management system between lubricant companies and distributors, so that the relationship between the two is not only a commercial transaction, but also two like-minded partners. . But how can lubricant companies manage their dealers? How to strike the right balance between business and feelings?
       1. Establish a sound dealer information management system
All dealers need to go through a set of processes for development and closure, and this is a very important job for dealers' information management, including the collection of dealer-related documents, the three-in-one business license, and the scale of business. , competency assessment, and contracts signed each year, etc.
As the cooperation deepens, it is necessary to regularly enter, update and track the basic information of the dealer. In addition, we must regularly conduct data analysis on the dealers, and conduct dealer counseling and supervision according to the results. Unqualified dealers will give certain time adjustments.
2, consistently and efficiently meet the basic needs of dealers
The stability of the relationship often has a great relationship with the basic needs. It is a stable and efficient way to help dealers develop terminals, timely distribute products and promote products, and answer questions at any time. It is the satisfaction of the basic needs of dealers and can promote long-term cooperation. Keep going.
3. Solve the dealer's pain points in time
Dealers will encounter different problems in different periods, but no matter how to make money is the pain point of the dealers forever, in addition to helping dealers solve practical problems, the focus is on helping dealers to manage inventory and digest, and this is not behind Open a series of actions such as terminal distribution, promotion activities, and terminal display.
4. Rebate and policy bundle
Business conduct is inseparable from profit incentives, so proper rebates and policy bundling are necessary to set certain conditions to motivate dealers to achieve higher goals. Of course, it is also necessary to link other various enjoyment policies with the corresponding rewards. The dealers who fail to meet the requirements naturally cannot enjoy more policies or even rebates.

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