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How long can these oil companies support?
Refining and chemical enterprises: Shantou Linli multi-party game
As a long-established military strategist, Shandong has both historical celebrities such as Confucius and sages. In the commercial field, Lu Shang has also been famous.
After entering this century, with the acceleration of the pace of reform and opening up, the Shandong refining and chemical industry has developed rapidly.
Among the many refining and chemical enterprises in Shandong, there are both state-owned enterprises and joint ventures between state-owned enterprises and local enterprises, and more are refining enterprises. Taking Sinopec as an example, six refining and chemical enterprises such as Qilu Petrochemical, Qingdao Refining and Chemical, Jinan Refinery and Qingdao Petrochemical have been laid out in Shandong, with a cumulative processing capacity of more than 30 million tons. In addition to CNPC's refining and chemical refining enterprises in Shandong, CNOOC has four refining and chemical enterprises of varying sizes in Shandong, and Sinochem Group has also deployed seven refining and chemical enterprises in Shandong. In addition to the above-mentioned central enterprises. Most of the remaining refining and chemical companies are refining.
From the statistical data, there is not one province or city in the country that has so many refining and chemical enterprises and such a large processing scale and capacity. It is no exaggeration to describe the refining and chemical enterprises in Shandong with the hills.
In order to ensure the smooth flow of the refinery, the Shandong refinery, which dominates refining in Shandong, uses the price advantage to seize the market in Shandong Province. On the other hand, it also actively expands the territory to other provinces. Part of the refining not only impacts other provinces and regions with price advantage, but also imposes strong dumping by means of exemption from freight and other means, and competes with traditional CNPC and Sinopec two strong refineries for market share. At the same time, some refining enterprises also set up their own gas stations in the Shandong market, which made the past Sinopec and PetroChina “Chu and Han fight”, which led to the competition of the group, and eventually evolved into a “wolf smoke” that does not hesitate to fight the price of oil. In a certain sense, the price war in the oil industry has been indispensable in Shandong. This is one aspect of the eyeball industry in Shandong.

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