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10-head weighing filling machine

Overview of the whole line of 10 weighing filling machines
The whole line is suitable for automatic filling of 1L-5L lubricating oil, antifreeze, etc.
The whole line sets automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, automatic cover, automatic screw cap, automatic sealing, automatic conveying, etc., only needs 3 people to operate. Customizable multi-filling system, each system is independent pipeline, the oil is not cross-contaminated, one production line can be filled with many varieties, and the function is closer to the user's demand.
Complete line composition: LYD5000-10C digital weighing filling machine, LYD-S1-1 CNC tracking type capping machine, LYD-SGJ automatic capping machine, LYD-4000W aluminum foil sealing machine, LYD-C50 automatic folding cover Packing machine, conveyor line, unpowered drum packing platform
Production speed: ≤1800 bottles / hour (4L)
Filling capacity: 1L-5L
Air source pressure: 0.6-0.8pa
Power: 380V 50HZ
Total power: 10KW
Air consumption: 300L/min

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