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Unpacking machine LYD-K40
Sealing machine LYD-K40
Imported electrical components are selected using Taiwanese technology. Vertical storage cardboard, and can replenish the carton board at any time without stopping the machine; it is suitable for the same type of carton size packaging at the same time. If you need to change the carton specifications, you can adjust it manually, the time required is 1-2 minutes; rational design, Synchronous suction molding, folding bottom and back cover synchronous molding at the same time; light weight, precision and durability of machine parts, no vibration during operation, stable operation and long life, high efficiency; equipped with blade device to avoid accidental stab wound during operation; Can be used with automated packaging lines.
The main technical parameters:
Unpacking capacity: 10-12 boxes / min
Temporary storage of carton: 100PCS (1000mm depending on carton thickness)
Minimum package size: L: 200-450 * W: 150-400 * H: 100-350mm
Power: 220V
Consumption function: 200W
Applicable tape: W48mm/60mm/75mm (optional)
Machine weight: 400kg
Main unit size: L2000*W1900*H1450mm (excluding front and rear roller frame)

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