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18L automatic capping machine LYD-330

<1> Product Features: This machine is applied to the production of gland in 18L oil.

The upper and lower two synchronous conveyor chains are automatically pressed and pressed by the oblique angle progressive manner.

Compared with the earlier pneumatic capping machine, the machine has been greatly improved, mainly reflected in:

1, This machine is through the conveyor chain plate. The automatic gland can be pressed as long as there is a barrel passing through, no manual operation is required, thereby reducing the labor cost, reducing the labor intensity and improving the production efficiency.

2, This machine is a beveled progressive gland. When the barrel passes through the machine, the lid of the barrel is gradually pressed from the direction of the machine, so that the excess air in the barrel can be discharged to avoid the deformation of the barrel lid caused by the flatulence in the barrel after compression. .

Two 1:50 speed ratio reducer motors drive the upper and lower conveyor chains respectively, the speed is synchronized, the torque is large, the maintenance is simple, and there is no need to replace any parts when changing specifications.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel.


<2> Main technical parameters:

Production capacity

≤2000 barrel/hour

Barrel type


Barrel cap size


Total power


Power supply

220V   50/60Hz

Dimensions (LxWxH)









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